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SERIES NO.1- Judicial Accountability and Independence-Justice S. Rajendra Babu

SERIES NO.2- Contempt of Court-Fali S. Nariman

SERIES NO.3- Judiciary and Gender Justice-Justice R.C.Lahoti

SERIES NO.4- Risk Management in the Judicial Process-D.K.Sampath

SERIES NO.5- Canons of Judicial Ethics- Justice R.C.Lahoti

SERIES NO.7- Uniform Civil Code:Purpose,Process and Prospects-Justice M.N.Venkatachaliah

BOOK- “Quest for Justice - Collection of Essays”(A book edited by Prof (Dr.) KNC Pillai, Director NJA containing contributions from Legal Luminaries and Faculty members of NJA)


1. Journal of the National Judicial Academy (Inaugural Issue: Judicial Reforms) Volume. 1

2. Journal of the National Judicial Academy (Second Issue: NJA Regional Conference Lecture Series) Volume 2


1. NJA Newsletter (October 2015)

2. NJA Newsletter (December 2015)

3. NJA Newsletter (March 2016)

4. NJA Newsletter (June 2016)

5. NJA Newsletter (September 2016)